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    We at Bekaa Hospital strive to put our Patients’ Health First by committing to ethical Behavior, and applying evidence based medicine and practice.

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    For Bekaa Hospital to be Citizens First Choice and the Leader in the Healthcare Industry in Bekaa Region

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    Our highly qualified and skilled team consists of more than 100 physicians from all specialties, 150 nurses and over 250 employees who work together to give you the care according to your needs.

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  • Our Healthcare professionals

    Bekaa Hospital’s growth relies on our highly skilled and well trained team of physicians from all specialties and nurses and administrative staff. Our healthcare professionals bring at your service their high level of expertise and provide you with the highest standards of quality, safety and patient centered care. We, In Bekaa Hospital strive to retain the best healthcare professionals in order to achieve our organizational goals.

  • Cutting edge Medical Equipment

    We at Bekaa Hospital offer the latest technology diagnostic equipment In order to provide our patients with ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS AND the best multidisciplinary care.

  • Quality and safety Culture

    High quality of care and patient safety is our main value from which our mission, vision, strategy and policies and procedures are inspired.

  • Patient centered care

    We at Bekaa Hospital focus on you as a patient and your particular health needs. The goal of our patient centered care is to involve patients in their own care. Our physicians and healthcare providers communicate with our patients; they address their needs to provide them with care that is not only effective but also safe.

Dialysis department

The Dialysis department is located in the second floor of the new building, which has been equipped with the latest medical machinery and equipment including 12 beds with 2 isolated rooms to prevent contamination and an extensive care room.

The Dialysis unit is supervised by highly qualified doctors and highly trained nurses with long experience in dialysis. The department also provides a wide array of services in helping diagnose and treat various kidney diseases such as:

  • Chronic dialysis
  • Kidney diseases
  • Methods of prevention of kidney and renal diseases

Cardiology Department

Cardiology Department
The cardiology department is equipped with the latest technology to diagnose and treat coronary heart disease. The department has two rooms for observation and preparation before and after any operation with monitoring.

The cardiology department is supervised and managed by highly trained doctors and skilled nurses with long experience in caring for heart patients. The services offered by the cardiology department cover:

- Diagnostic Services

- Echocardiography

-  Stress Test

Cardiac Catheterization Unit:

- The use of  balloon angioplasty and stent to widen the narrowed arteries 

- 3D ultrasound imaging of the arteries and veins

- StentBoost is a simple, quick, and effective tool to enhance stent visualization in the coronary arteries. 

- Aortic valvuloplasty to widen the aortic valves.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU) to monitor patients with:

- Heart stroke condition

- Have undergone open heart surgery 

- Other heart surgery 

Emergency Department

Emergency Department

The Emmergency Department is one of the most sensitive and vital units in the hospital, and is available 24 hours a day. For this reason the emergency unit has been highly equipped with all the modern medical tools and equipment that is needed to attend to emergency situations of the patients.

The unit is managed by high specialist doctors and high calibre of experienced nurses to deal with accidents, severe injuries, and is equipped with a large number of medical consultants from different departments of surgical and medical specialists. 
The unit is made up of 9 rooms as follows:

- Recovery room equipped with life saving equipment
- Room to treat broken bones and injuries
- 5 rooms to treat emergency medical cases
- Room for carrying out simple surgery procedures
- Room for the less dangerous or urgent cases


This department is located on the ground floor for easy access, and has a direct entrance to the X Ray department. The emergency department is similar to a mini hospital within the hospital for its capacity to handle all kinds of medical situations from across all departments.

Blood bank Department

Blood bank Department

Our Blood Bank provides all types of blood platelet and FFP as needed by our patients. We Store the blood units in high standard storage with the right temprature and an advanced alarm system that would alert us to any slight change in tempreature to ensure that our blood units are always safe and stored at the correct tempratrues in tear proof bags.

We are able to provide blood for sevral medical conditions such as:

  • Chronic Anemia
  • Cancer patients
  • Accidental sudden excessive bleeding

Intensive care Department

Intensive care Department

Endoscopy -department

Endoscopy Department

The endoscopy department in Bekaa Hospital strives to provide advanced solutions to diagnose the treatment for various specialities. The department works in collaboration with specialists from the other departments in the hospital, with the possibility of taking biopsy and getting results within minutes. the department has a modern endoscopy equipped with advanced video recording that allows doctors to review the results at any time in the future.

The endoscopy department includes:

- Gastroscopy
- Colonoscopy
- Laryngoscopy
- Bronchoscopy
- Endoscopic, Retro grade, Cholangioi,  Pancreato  Graphy (ERCP)
- Biopsy


Chemotherapy department

The Chemotherapy department is located in the third floor of the new building which is equipped with the latest technology and equipment and contains 14 beds with a special fully equipped room for the chemo at international standards.

The chemotherapy department is under the management of highly qualified doctors and experienced nurses.

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