Useful information:
1.No smoking policy:
Bekaa Hospital is a smoke-free Hospital. We ask everyone to respect our policy and refrain from smoking anywhere in the Hospital.

2.Safety Tips:

  1. As a patient, you are not allowed to go out of the building for your safety and protection.
  2. Whenever you are out of your bed, for your own safety Please do not walk barefoot; Use your shoes or slippers.
  3. Do not climb over the Side rails of your bed. The Nurse call button is available next to your bed for any assistance you need from our nurses.
  4. The signs available all throughout the Hospital are available for your guidance and help.
3.Valuables and personal belongings:

Bekaa Hospital is not responsible for valuables. Please limit your personal belongings to the minimum during your stay at Bekaa Hospital. Eyeglasses and Dentures are best stored in the drawer of your bedside table

4.Food Services:
Food is provided by the dietary Department in the Hospital. Food should not be brought inside the hospital. When needed, our dietician will visit you for education about the type and safety of food requested for your own case.
5.Telephone Services
To make local and cellular calls, please dial zero, and ask the operator to connect you.
6.Television services
All patients’ rooms are equipped with TV sets. You are kindly required to lower the volume of your TV set for other peoples’ comfort.
  1. Bring with you/Do not bring with you
Please Bring with You
Personal items (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, shaving utensils… etc.)
Please Do Not Bring with You
Electrical appliances: these are a potential safety hazard and might interfere with the hospital equipment Battery operated items are permitted .
8.Medications policy:
For the wellbeing and safety of our patients, all drugs administered to patients are dispensed by the hospital pharmacy.  Please inform the Nurse about any home medications you take and restrain from bringing them with you to the hospital unless it is recommended by your physician. During your stay at the hospital, the nursing staff will administer all of your medications including your home medications. 
Please inform your doctor and nurse of any drug- allergies you have.

9.Infection Control Policy:
The aim of Bekaa Hospital Infection Control and Prevention Program is to continuously work on preventing the spread of infectious diseases.  The aim of these guidelines is to promote safety of patients, visitors and staff.
  1. Hand washing: Please wash and clean your hands frequently especially before eating, after using the toilets and touching any surfaces.  
  2. Please follow the nurses’ instructions for the prevention of surgical wound infections.
  3. Use Hand Sanitizer when Hands Are Visibly Clean

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your nurse or call the infection Control Program at extension: 501.